Reflectii la cald si in engleza de  origine  de la colegii nostri de la Oxford College of Marketing dupa conferinta tutorilor CIM prin Rosie Phipps.

„Is Pride the 8th P?Pride, I am thinking is the 8th P- and although I tend to always think of the negative aspects of it – pride coming b efore fall ; or the flight of Icarus as he chose to fly too close to the sun with his all to vulnerable wax wings.
However, pride in an organisation as being the sense of honest engagement that its members have when they engage with their customers and other stakeholders. Pride in that they have personally done a great job. Pride that a college and its tutors take in making sure that their students have also taken pride in doing their best.
Pride is an emotion that has to be managed on a moment to moment basis so that it does not lead to inflation. Inflation leads to carelessness and the fall that we are so aware of as being the negative side of engaging with a sense of pride that is based wings made of wax.

I began to feel at the CIM tutor conference the beginning of a real sense of Pride within CIM . I would like to point out that they used P as the 8th P. The new CEO, in the short time she has been there, is visibly changing the culture within the organisation . As much as we were able to celebrate our exam results in public for the first time in 28 years- the CIM staff were able to deal with questions and suggestions (and past limitations) in an open and non defensive manner.

To be able to take pride in our profession, as marketers, and as a college, and for CIM to enable this to happen, by providing the colleges with commendations that are publically acknowledged, makes us feel we have made a great start.
It is now up to us to drive this sense of pride in being members of CIM through the profession and by doing this, continue to build ourselves and CIM as a membership body representing all our interests at the same time.”[pb_builder]

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