Principles of Digital Marketing
↗ Inbound and Outbound Strategies
↗ Digital Media Examples
↗ Traditional vs. Digital Marketing
↗ Principles of DMI’s 3i Methodology
↗ Digital Channels

Developing Marketing Objectives
↗ SMART Objectives
Digital Research
↗ Audience Research
↗ Social Listening Platforms
↗ Social Listening and Audience Research Tools

Project Management
↗ Effective Project Management Benefits
↗ Common Project Management Tasks
↗ Project Management Skill Sets
↗ 7-Step Framework for Managing Projects

Connecting with the Customer
↗ The Buyer’s Journey
↗ Five Marketing Functions
↗ 360 Digital Marketing Campaign
↗ Marketing Functions and Buyer Journey Stages
↗ Digital Marketing Concepts, Principles, Procedures and Tools

Managing Your Time Effectively
↗ Ways of Effectively Dealing with Requests
↗ Benefits of Effective Time Management
↗ Distinguish between Urgent and Important Tasks
↗ Best Practices
↗ Time Saving Strategies
↗ Eliminating Time-Stealers