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Consumers are increasingly choosing to shop from the comfort of their own homes, making ecommerce a must for any retail organisation. This Specialist Award provides the knowledge and skills to develop and effective ecommerce proposition as well as understanding of best practice for ecommerce strategy creation.

Purpose Statement

This Specialist Award develops the skills and knowledge to enable strategic decision-making for ecommerce. It covers three key areas: the first area develops skills for the preparation of a business case for an ecommerce proposition, the second area covers best practice in ecommerce to enable a successful website; the final area develops skills in building an effective inbound marketing strategy to support ecommerce.

What will you learn?

The CIM Specialist Award in Ecommerce is ideal for marketers who want to better understand how to develop the most effective practice for Ecommerce strategy.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Prepare a business case for an ecommerce proposition.
  • Evaluate the best practices in ecommerce for the optimisation of site transactions
  • Develop an in-bound marketing strategy for ecommerce

Who should complete a Specialist Award?

Developed for marketing managers in operational and supervisory roles looking to progress their strategic and management skills. Particularly suited to those in specialist roles.


The CIM Level 6 Specialist Awards are assessed via onscreen Multiple Choice Test (MCT). The MCT will utilise a variety of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Types allowing for the assessment of higher order thinking and different levels of cognitive demand.

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Completion time:

6 weeks, 90 hours of learning

Complementary Courses

Instruments and indicative content

  • B2B, B2C (C2C), business model, revenuemodel, value proposition, USP integration with business strategy, marketplaces, payments, security, platforms, compliance.
  • Platform responsiveness, cart abandonemnet, approach to navigation, calls to action, product descriptions, use of media, categorisation, cross-selling and upselling, customer experience, customer journey, user experience, website and transaction anaylysis influence of media strategies.
  • Use of metrics, product descriptions, URL-s, Merchant centre, architecture, workflows, email automation, CRM, affiliate marketing best practice, influencer marketing, affiliate types.

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Course Start Dates

The CIM Specialist Digital Award in Ecommerce can be competed in as little as 6 weeks.

Virtual Afternoons: 6 online live sessions starting 15th of July from 16:30 to 18:30, Romanian time.
Virtual Evenings: 6 online live sessions starting 15th of July from 20:30 to 22:30, Romanian time.


Distance Learning

From 450£ + VAT with 9 months of support

 Virtual Classes

From 700£ + VAT with 9 months of support

Key Steps

Specialist Awards have been developed to provide you with an in-depth understanding and expertise in focused areas of Digital marketing through time-efficient, assessed learning. Allowing you to tailor your knowledge and credentials to suit your current and aspirational career goals without such a significant time or financial commitment.

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Absolvent Institutul de Marketing Veronica Bogdacenco

The training has been a key milestone in my professional life: the first step towards a reputed international marketing certification and a marketing job abroad.”

Veronica Bogdacenco, Lead Product Manager Growth & Discovery at Tide